One of my 2 new purchases! *PICS*

  1. These are so HOT that no strip tease is needed!

    the other surprise will be here next weekend or sooner, I had to order the other
    DSC01580.JPG DSC01582.JPG DSC01583.JPG
  2. Congrats! Love them!

    So did you return your Tobago?
  3. Returned the Tobago to help pay for the next surprise!!
    DSC01584.JPG DSC01586.JPG DSC01587.JPG
  4. matt is than an LV necklace u got on? can we c a pic? it looks AMAZING!!! CONGRATS BTW! can't wait till next week! I'll miss the Tobago tho! I'll get my own soon tho anyways, .
  5. HOT!!! Congrats on the purchases!!
  6. yes it is the Geometric V Pendant necklace in blue. New color is out/coming out for F/W.

    it is in my collection, batteries are dead so no pics! sorry
  7. Are those the millionaire sunglasses?!
  8. nice!!
  9. AWWW MATTY! I could BARELY c that gorgeous thing in ur collection, is it just for men? haha what colour is coming out do u know? and do you think when u get ur camera back up and runnin' u could take a clopseup or 2? :flowers:
  10. Those sunglasses are hot, :nuts:I got an email from eluxury saying they got some new LV sunglasses that are exclusive to eluxury, hadn't had a chance to look though.
  11. Congrats.
  12. congrats, those sunglasses are HOT!!!
  13. Congratulations! Those sunglasses looks great on you!
  14. those sunglasses look so hot on you! congrats!
  15. Hot!!!