One more question about siennas.....

  1. With the strap of the sienna can it be held on the arm as well or would it look funny? I tend to hold things more on my arm when I'm holding my son. Thanks!!!
  2. It certainly wouldn't look "FUNNY" but that bag is so darn comfortable, you might just consider wearing it over your shoulder, son and all!!! :jammin:
  3. I agree it's super comfortable on the shoulder. Doesn't look funny on the arm but for some the strap drop length might be a little longer than you might want for that.
  4. I personally dont think the sienna looks right on the crook of the arm, because like the others have said, the strap drop is quite long.
    It rocks on the shoulder though! :yes:
  5. Yes, I agree the strap is long and would look a little funny in the crook, it would probably bang around on your thigh and drive you nuts. As the others said, it's such a comfortable bag you could carry son and Sienna on the same side!!