One more new arrival and an overall view! pics

  1. My Moka arrived today!! I think Im now finished for 2007!! Bring on 2008!!


    and a pic of my overall shopping spree this week!

  2. awesome buys... :smile:
    what is this middle bag ?

  3. Its the Gucci Joey med boston bag...
  4. very nice !
  5. LOVE them all Congrats !! great buys and the Gucci bag is tdf
  6. love it! congrats!
  7. congrats
  8. Great bags you got there, congrats!
  9. You bought some really nice pieces!! Good for you!
  10. Love it all...including the gucci!
  11. Very nice, Congrats!!
  12. Successful week of retail therapy, well done and congrats!
  13. Fabulous bags ... congrats!
  14. I love the Tivoli & the moca (yum).My SA is trying to tempt me with the Tivoli but I just ordered the Ursula from Elux. Anyways, love your Gucci "speedy".
  15. Fabulous...congrats Jamie!!!!!