Onatah Release Date in Canada?!?!?

  1. Hi all! As some of you might know already, I'm on the wait list for Onatah Cuir GM in Aubergine. Here's my problem: My SA just called me this afternoon and said that IT'S ARRIVED and she's putting mine aside for me!!! However, she also said that I can't buy it yet because the official release date is OCTOBER 18!!! I'm really confused because some of you got it on Sept 15 (last Friday)....so why's there this big gap between USA and (Montreal)Canada?!?!?!?!? Thanks!
  2. allo???? lol
  3. My store (here is Aus) hasn't received any yet and said the pochette that I have reserved won't be here until Oct 6th as they have had to order it from overseas:Push: PLUS the Groom range won't be launched here until Oct 6th (even though they are all actually in store??):shrugs: