Onatah pochette size cuir vs. suede?

  1. I just returned my brand new onatah pochette cuir because the size didn't suit my frame - a bit big to be a pochette, yet a bit small to be a hobo. The size according to elux is 14,2" x 8,1" (= 34 x 19,5 cm).

    Does anybody know what was the size of the onatah pochette in suede? As it is sold out, I can no longer find the measurements on elux or vuitton.com, and I would like to know it the suedes were the same size, or smaller. Still like the idea of a small onatah, but if the suedes are just as big, I guess I have to find another LV love...

  2. I tried on both and it seemed there were the same size. What about the suede onatah pm??? It is a mini version of the GM.
  3. Thanks, shalomjude, I guess I have to try something else than the pochettes, then. The PM might be an idea. Next time I guess I have to try it on more carefully in the shop before bringing it home...
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