On vacation in Switzerland

  1. :p

    Hi Guys,

    The reason is why I m not in the purseforum a lot
    is because I m not finding too may Internet cafes
    along our journey.I wish I had one of my Balenciagas
    with me.;)
    I totally forgot, and I wanted to keep them nice.
    They can suffer when you travel.
    Too bad, I miss them......no one seems to have
    these nice bags, no body is wearing them here..
    I love Switzerland and the clean living here.
    Sorry for not posting, but I have too much fun.
    Any new Bags out there?:confused1:
  2. Hey swissflower!! Where are you in Switzerland? :woohoo: You didn't see me yet then did you! I often take out my sgh steel day or vert foncé day, and today I wore my LV Hampstead MM. If you see any of those bags.... lmk hehe :nuts::p
  3. hi swissflower! hope you having fun in switzerland! i loved it there too! take care! :heart::yes:
  4. hi swiss! i am on vacation as well and i am not in here a lot because of that! I hope you are having fun!!!!
  5. Enjoy your trip we went thru Switzerland during our vaccation as well (Italy, Austria,Bavaria,Switzerland)...I carried my Bal greige day all the time...but I this is my alltime favorite bag and is allowed to travel!:p
  6. hey swissflower, enjoy tour trip to switzerland. I used to live there and used to see a ton of them in geneva.
  7. Have a great vacation!
  8. You're so lucky, I absolutely LOVE Switzerland!
  9. I've just got back from my hols in Switzerland and didn't see any Bbags around. Apart from my own black Twiggy and my cognac City, of course. All other bags left at home for safe keeping. I was in Lucerne and in Ticino. I adore Switzerland. Love the languages, people and the fresh air.
  10. Hope you're enjoying your holiday!
  11. :yahoo::yahoo::supacool:Thanks guys......all of you.
    I love this country as well.....since i was born here.

    I spend time mostly in Thun area and Bern and
    We are going back on the 6th of September.

    The fashion rocks here, all the lovely outfits in the
    Be back soon.
    Swissflower ;)
  12. :heart::heart::yahoo:Yeah....just got back....

    The trip was sooo awsome.....I relaxed most of the time.
    I saw only a few girls wearing Balenciagas and I finally
    went to the store in Zuerich....Tres Pommes" and I inspected
    all the bags there.
    They did not have too much choices.....all the colors you
    can find on eBay.
    No new colors at all.
    My husband was nervous when I entered the store.
    The weather in Switzerland was kind of cold most of the time
    for summer weather.
    We had much rain, but still the food and the climate with
    the lovely fashion was great.
    I loved to eat the cheeses and the chocolates.
    Glad to be back now.
  13. You're so lucky! My favorite city in the whole world is Zurich, I used to go there alot but haven't been in 10 years, so sad.
  14. Welcome back! Yes it's cold here for summer :crybaby:but I'm glad you still had a great time! :yahoo:We have a Trois Pommes too but they got to unpacking the bags a few weeks after I'd seen them on here. I even nagged them about it lol.