On the verge of buying my first Bbag-Advice needed!

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  1. I'm going to New York next week and I'm going on a major shopping spree. I'm planning to visit the Balenciaga store and all the usual department stores. I've been wanting a BBag since May (when I got into designer handbags) and so I think I'm going to buy myself an early Christmas present!!!

    I need some advice girls! Is it better to buy Bbags through the Balenciaga store or through a department store? Are they more expensive at the boutiques or department store, and are there any benefits for buying at either place?

    Are there any colors that wear out more than others? I'm planning on getting a black city.

    Is there anything else I should know?

    I'm SO excited girls! :yahoo:
  2. First, congratulations, and welcome to the dark side! Wherever you buy your first bag, I promise that it won't be your last!

    Actually, I'm the least knowledgeable person about "Where to buy," since I've not purchased a Bbag new yet. However, from what I read on here, BalNY is probably the place to find the most variety. I do remember girls complaining about the lack of choice in the few department stores that do sell Balenciaga handbags.

    There is a thread on this forum that lists most of the places to find authentic Bbags by country. Also, for your second question, the Reference Library is loaded with information on the care of the leather. Light colored bags have some extra needs, care-wise. Also, there have been threads lately about the 07 black bags fading. Not sure how many people have experienced this. Personally, I wouldn't be concerned, but you might want to take a look.

    Good luck, and happy shopping! :girlsigh:
  3. I think BalNY has a short return period, and I don't know if they offer cash back. I try to buy from NM because in a large dept store you can easily return anything (if you needed to). My NM has had a pretty good selection of colors and styles. But I do think BalNY may have a better selection. Plus if I buy from NM, I earn points, and I shop there a lot so for me it pays off.
  4. I bought my first Bbag at Barneys in NYC. The selection varies (depending on what is in stock), but the SAs are nice (and can go to the stockroom to look for other colors/styles).

    Have fun! :tup:
  5. How exciting!! Hope you find THE PERFECT bbag with the leather you want- I have a feeling it'll be an all day event once you see IRL the leather variations and colors. How funnnnnnnn that'll be!!!

    (sorry if I didn't give you any advice- never bought from BalNY-except for white tassels- or from a department store that sells BBags)
  6. The problem with BalNY is that even though they have a great selection, almost none of it is on display.

    You have to ask to see what they have...and they will ask, "what do you want?" and you'll ask "well, what do you have?" and they'll ask you "well, what are you looking for?"
    ...and you keep going in circles like that until someone cries, "uncle!" ;)

    Also, they have a horrible return policy (i.e., exchange only within 10 days, and only 2 or 3 exchanges allowed in your lifetime).

    The upside is: they (mostly) know their stuff...and if you know what you want, it can be a match made in heaven!
  7. Well, I know I want a city. I want one in a neutral color, or bright blue. The return policy at Balenciaga doesn't bother me because trust me, I won't be returning it!

    I used to be a Chloe girl (I have an Edith and a Debbie) but I can't stand the new designs. I'm more of a rockstar than Chloe can provide me with so I've turned to Balenciaga. I've always loved the city but I never knew what it was until I joined TPF!

    So now that I'm going back east for Thanksgiving I've got a chance to do some major shopping. I want the whole experience of buying a handbag at a store. All of my designer purchases have been online so I'm super excited. I seriously cannot wait to have one in my hands!