On the hunt: Louboutin Simple Pumps in Python

  1. After seeing piaffe's gorgeous Louboutin simple pumps in python :drool: I'm thinking about buying a pair. Has anyone seen them online lately, or in their local Saks, NM, etc.? If so, please post here and let me know :nuts:

    I tried on the simple pump in black last month, I needed a 41. I'm surprised at how small closed-toe CLs run. I normally wear a size 9!

    TIA! :nuts:
  2. I think someone mentioned calling the Saks online chat for help and they can locate what you need.
  3. I saw them at my local Saks (Houston Galleria). Give them a call! Good luck!
  4. I have seen them at the Saks in Chicago (on Michigan Ave). I agree, call Saks locator and they will find them for you!
  5. Thanks, ladies! I found them locally at Saks in Palm Beach, but only in a size 40. The SA said she could locate them in a 41 and have them shipped there to the store so I can try them on and decide. Now I have to decide if I want those or a pair of Manolo slingbacks in camel. Decisions, decisions! :rolleyes::p