On the hunt for a MBMJ Softy Max Tote in Black!!

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  1. :tender:
  2. Theres one in Meringue and one in Chalk on Ebay.


    This bag is really very hard to find, so I wouldnt count on finding a black one or atleast a new one, for a loooong time. Pretty rare!
  3. I would consider used or new
  4. Yeah, its a pretty cute bag! I have one in the Chalk White and I love it because of all the pockets and the cute color. I think it has like 5 pockets! Maybe you can try Loehmann's. Sometimes they have MBMJ from prior seasons.

    I hope you find it!
  5. did you ever find one??? i am on the hunt for one now too!!!!! im obsessed but its sooooo hard to find!:pout: