On a bag ban...but for a great cause!

  1. Hi girls,

    I just want to announce you my bag ban. Unfortunately I don't know how long it will last, probably more than a year. This is due to.....

    MY HOUSE :yahoo:

    my Bf and I decided to buy a house and move together as soon as possible. We are now coping with burocracy, but we hope we can move there in Spring. We'll have to make some works in it (the 40sqm basement will become our "music room" and additional living room), decide all the forniture and so on. I regret I won't buy any cute bag for a while :crybaby: , I really wanted a Chanel reissue, but 1200 € is really too much for me now, IKEA waits for me! Last month I spent 220 € for a Burberry Mini Cinda bag and 250 € for a Coccinelle leather bag, which is now my everyday bag...but I deserved them, I hadn't bought any other bag since June '05 during a trip in London!

    So guys...let me dream with all your new purchases, I'll keep watching!
  2. ooh congrats on the house thing maryg1, i'm also on a purse ban because i decided i want to try a new career in other country and decided to save yp some money for the big change.
    but then, it only lasted for 2 months and i bought a bag :P
    now i'm trying to sell one of my other bag whenever i want to buy another bag :P
  3. I think I'm great banner also because if I dared come home with another bag now my mum would send me living under a bridge...well, she actually still doesn't know about my Burberry, she only saw the Coccinelle :sweatdrop: (and I had to lend it her for a few days)
  4. good for you :P
    i don't live with my parents anymore and my room mates only know that i'm crazy for bags but didn't really know the prices because my lobsession, balenciaga bags are not too well known as LV or dior or any monogram bags