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  1. Hi everyone well i got my first Chanel and it was a Medallion tote. Im super excited about it but im looking for my next and i should have a break for a whilee after that. Im very confused as to what i should get, i know i want a smaller bag (im 5'1 and petite)so i like my smaller bag here n there also!! I know i want it to have silver hardware, and be smaller then the Medallion. I was thinking either the mini flap classic, or getting a PST. I don't know if getting a PST would be sorta not needed since the medallion is a tote, but i love how its smaller and has the chain & open top. BUT I also like how the mini flap can worn messenger style and i can use it when im out and about and dont want to carry much (which happens somewhat to me, and i find myself carrying my wallet!) I also had my eye on the Ultimate soft, but its the same size as the the Medallion .so it wouldnt work for me.. Those r the only ones im interested in for now, which would you choose??

  2. First off, congrats on your first tote! It is the beginning of a very very dangerous addiction.... :biggrin:

    I would recommend that you get a flap. A mini flap is adorable but not as functional (just my opinion!)-- maybe the medium/large flap? Of course, that one is a bit more expensive too.. however, the medium/large flap is 1) quintessential Chanel and 2) versatile (one long strap, double straps, clutch, etc!). However, if you don't want the medium/large, then the mini flap sounds great. You have pretty much already dissuaded yourself from the other choices, so it seems like a flap would be perfect for you!

    Either way, good luck, and yayyyy to buying more Chanel!!!
  3. Also a lovely fellow PFer showed me this vintage flap, which would be a good choice aside from the mini flap, and pst, but the only thing is it has gold hardware, any opinions on this one also i would appreciate!!:tup:
  4. lol!!! I knew it wouldn't be long!!! How abt a modern chjain flap??? It has sil h/w and is a good size to carry things but not too big/small. Pics in ref lib.
  5. Heres the vintage flap im also looking at
  6. Hi! Hey I am 5'1" too! That does not stop me from buying big bags! But it's also true that because I am tiny, jumbo flap looks VERY strange on me! :sweatdrop:

    If you would like to have a bag that is smaller (than a tote) and yet functional, reissue 225/226 or medium flap are all good choices.
  7. I would go with a M/L classic flap. You already have a tote, the classic flap is a perfect complement to your tote.
  8. Definitely the flap. I feel that the medallion tote and the pst are really similar.
  9. Have you thought about the east/west or pochette? It comes with silver hardware. It's good for day and night use, single chain can be convereted into clutch........just a suggestion.......:smile:
  10. Lol aloutte i know, i know!! The modern chain flap looks nice, but i prefer the classic flap. I like the mini cause you can put as messenger style, and the medium wouldnt look right like that to me. Plus its pretty wide 10 inches, i wanted something a lil smaller. Thanks for everyones opinion[​IMG]
  11. Congrats ont the medallion tote.

    Between the 2, I'd go for a flap for a totally different look. It also seems a practical choice for you, what with carrying only a wallet :yes: Good luck!
  12. I say GO for the flaps whether small or med/large. its a classic and you will never go wrong with that.
    btw, congrats on your medallion tote.