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  1. this is OT but just had to vent... so i was at work last night and we got an admission (i'm a nurse in neonatal intensive care). it was a 33 week baby... mom had no prenatal care and admitted to taking 12 bags of heroine a day and her urine tested positive for cocaine. WTF?! :weird::weird: i don't know how big those bags of heroine were...but that's a huge amount. the nurses/doctors in labor & delivery said that she was injecting the heroine right into her abdomen (she had scar marks everywhere). that poor baby already had the signs withdrawal when she came up to our unit. i don't understand how someone can do that, especially when they're carrying a baby...
  2. OMG! I wish I didn't read that! Things like that upset me SO MUCH! I hope they don't let this woman keep this poor baby!!!:evil: She should be jailed for child endangerment (sp?)!!!
  3. That's horrible, I don't understand how a mother could do that to her baby. That has to break your heart and infuriate you at the same time. Why would she inject it directly in her abdomen? That poor child, will the baby ever be alright? Or will there be permanent damage?
  4. i know...things like that upset me too. there are so many people trying to have babies and can't, and then there are people who don't even care...
  5. Thats awful, she doesn't deserve to keep the baby in my opinon.
  6. Hearing that sickens me! God bless that poor child.:sad2:
  7. she probably won't get to keep the baby. the baby will probably end up being a boarder in the newborn nursery for a while.
  8. I work next door to a facility that houses newborns that are born to dug addicted mothers. There are so many, it is realy sad. Some of them need to be held almost constantly because they are addicted too. They have many volunteers that come just to sit and hold the babies. I have been told by the nurses that work there that many of them will have some kind of brain damage or developmental problems because of it.
  9. That's really awful.
  10. That makes me soooo angry! There are people that go through so much just to have a baby, and so many that want one so much, but are unable to. This woman has a beautiful gift and has been unbearably selfish! There are thousands of people who would give everything they have for a baby. Stupid, stupid woman. Hope the baby is ok.
  11. The mother needs to be charged with some degree of homicide since she was shooting into her stomach area!
  12. isn't that horrible that she was shooting into her stomach? of all places...
  13. That's terrible, it's one thing to endanger your own life, but to ruin another's ?
  14. Too sad!! :sad:
  15. That's awful. I hope the baby survives and gets a new home. That level of addiction is the point where the mother had absolutely no regard for her baby or herself. I'll bet that's the worst drug case you've seen. She prob injected into her abdo cause they were the only veins she had left. I am amazed the baby made it to the NICU. As an adult cardiology RN I have tremendous respect for NICU nurses. I don't know how you do it...provide intensive care to our most fragile baby patients. Thanks for sharing.