OMG.... you're gonna puke...

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    Look at the fake VERNIS!!! Look at it. OMG. Look at all of it. You'll have a heart attack. I almost did! The vernis is just a drop in the bucket...


    This would be a great "guide" to show people on how to spot fake bags. That site is like a car wreck... no matter how horrifying it is you can't help but look...
  2. scary!
  3. You can even get a 40% discount if you want to buy ''wholesale'. Ugh!
  4. unbelieveable
  5. that is terrible. they have so many brands and lines. there is ever a mirror noe?!?!
  6. ewwww! i've been turning in print outs of these sites to my SA. and she sends them to headquaters. hopefully we'll see these sites go down!
  7. Let's keep the fakes to the fake thread ! :yes:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.