OMG, TPF is sooo dangerous!

  1. This is the damage since I joined..
    bag family.JPG
  2. Gorgeous! I love the colors!
  3. Gorgeous bags! I know what you mean, ever since I joined I've bought more bags than ever. Its because I see other TPFer's handbags and fall in love.
  4. Gorgeous, what is the blue bag on the right?
  5. Chloe bay in Royal
  6. I know exactly what you mean, i am gone over the edge since i joined....of course dh is very upset.....
    Congrats on your gorgeous bags!
  7. Beautiful gorgeous bags! I love each one! Btw, you really have done a bit a bag shopping in about two months! But each bag looks timeless so good investments you have made!
  8. OMG so true!
    I found so many deals and brands I have never heard of before!

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the Riveting bag btw...
    It was sold out before I knew it came in here!
  9. damage? what damage? they all look beauuuuutiful to me@!!!! :graucho::graucho:
  10. OMG, you got the JChoo!!! Congrats!!!

    You modeled it beautifully at Nordstrom!
  11. YUP!! Congrats on your gorgeous bags. total corruption here....ain't in grand?

    BTW that JC Ramona is amazing. I tried it on in the raspberry color and OMG it's TDF.

    Love your LV riveting too!!
  12. I LOVE the green b-bag!! :nuts:
  13. Thank you:wlae: Snapped up the last one they had
  14. It's Riki actually ;) I was debating between the black and the burgundy and by the time I decided the burgundy was sold out
  15. Gucci Diva: I have the same problem as you. Since joining the purse forum in January 2006 I think I have bought like 15 bags. That's why I'm on a ban until December 2007. :nuts: