OMG this red bag is TDF

  1. [​IMG]

    Do you girls think this is another "vintage" bag from past collections or something we can hope to see in the Fall collection :smile:
  2. I'm sure it's from a few years ago.:yes:
  3.'s huge!! But soooo pretty!!! :love:
  4. ITA its huge! :yes:
  5. The bag's not that big. Whoever that little girl might be, she's teeny, tiny skinny! Makes the bag look HUUUUGE!

    But I love it! :yes:
  6. That's Nicole Richie. She's been using a lot of Chanel Vintages past year.
  7. Prada Psycho - I love you for not knowing who "that little girl" is!!! :yahoo:
  8. From a long time ago.

    You can always ask a Chanel SA to let you know if there's any red jumbo quilted bags available and for her to call you if it is. It may not look exactly like the one Nicole has, but could be quite similiar.
  9. love it on nicole...i wouldnt mind a jumbo from a few years back too haha
  10. wow, this looks like an XXL on her since she's so tiny! it's a great color though.
  11. i love it, so stunning! :heart:

  12. OK, I looked around. Other than being Lionel Ritchie's adopted daughter and woefully underweight, exactly what does she do that she warrants such interest in her? :confused1:

    Still love that red bag though!