OMG This is so funny to me

  1. OKay, I am still laughing at my DH over this. I go out and spend money like crazy (hate to admit it but I do). I have issues with my love for LV as I am sure most of you in this forum do.! LOL

    Well, hubby comes home last night all excited. He was like ohh look what I got. (I am crying I am laughing so hard now.) He pulls out a napkin from his pocket and shows me salt and pepper he took from McDonald's! OMG and he thought it was so great we had little salt and peppers! It makes me laugh because he knows exactly how much money I spend and could care less about my handbag purchases, we buy awesome cars and have an incredible home (well, in the process). This is the type of guy who goes out-of-town for a biz trip and comes back with mini ketchup, BBQ and the lotions and such but then will spend $2K on lamps in the den!?! He super cheap on some things then way extravagant on some!?!:shrugs:

    Sorry I just had to share. Are any of your hubbys cheap on things like that!?! It's just so funny to me that this little thing made him so happy. Seriously his face was like a kid in a candy store!?!:roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  2. Hillarious LOOL ..btw u look sooo goregous being brunettte

  3. THANKS!! I love you for that! DH likes it too!
  4. Your hubby sounds like fun. I like the hair, too. You look really classy. Brown hair gives off like a Hepburn vibe.
  5. :roflmfao: I love your DH sense of humor ! He must make you laugh a lot. Love your hair, too!!!:yes:
  6. my husband tries to take everything home that is not nailed down from a restaurant lol
  7. husbands are so silly sometimes, but that is cute. I love the new hair too, very classy & Kate Hepburn, as purselova pointed out.
  8. Too cute, my hubby is a sucker for the hotel stuff too!
  9. LOL that is so cute!!

    It reminds me of that one episode of 'Friends' where Ross stocks up on the hotel shampoos and stuff!! :smile:
  10. Yeah he totally does that. And then he never uses it! It's so funny and yet weird at the same time! LOL:roflmfao:

  11. you are rocking that brunette look hot girl.:flowers:

  12. Thanks precious! But not as hot as the sexiest brunette since Angelina Jolie ^^^ (meaning you)!