OMG! these pants are going for 4,000+

  1. Wow. It's just 2 bidders too! Started at .99 crazy.
  2. Different strokes for different folks. I guess.

    But $4000+ is too rich for my blood!
  3. one of the bidders has only 3 feedback though...
  4. maybe someone didn't type it in correctly?
  5. ^^ Maybe they put in a ridiculously high bid thinking it would never get there. :confused1:
  6. Something isn't right. Those pants are plain and used.:hrmm:
  7. i know thats what i was thinking! seriously what is going on?!?
  8. ^^^^^ Ditto that. I opened it expecting to see the striped ones from a couple years ago that were in all the magazines, the ones in the auction don't really seem worth it unless I'm missing something.
  9. Typo:confused1: Maybe it was some famous person's pants?:roflmfao:
  10. There's not even any mention of them being magic pants!!! I mean why pay $4,000 plus when you have no guarantee of the level or type of action you're gonna get?
  11. The seller indicated its retail price was $995. The highest bidder has over 800 feedback! What is going on?
  12. Maybe they are money filled pants?

    This is nearly as unbelievable as the guy that sold an 'air guitar' on eBay...

  13. i don't think it's a typo because look at the bid history. it was already up in the thousands!
  14. What the?