OMG, the fourth bag this month!!!

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  1. Couldn't resist the temptation:
    I hope it's not going to be too big to me...anybody has it? Model picture?:graucho:
  2. Dryad, you are on a roll. Congrats. =)
  3. wow dryad, you lucky girl! congrats! how about a thread with you modeling all your bags?
  4. Suweeet!!! Modeling pics when you get it!!!
  5. I wanted to model all my bags but now I'm hiding two of them....I have to confess to my boyfriend when he is in good mood first and ask him to take some pic for me. :P:P
  6. you are so funny dryad! so are you still loving the tan prada that you got from overstock?
  7. my god, miu miu even manages to make your everyday tote absolutely adorable. Congrats on the 4th one! (geez!)
  8. Yes, I was considering returning it since I decided to choose one between the tan satchel and MJ Hudson I bought. It's too hard to part with any of these two, especially the leather of tan satchel is sooooo soft..So, I told myself:"Alright, tan satchel is my summer bag and Hudson is my winter bag, they are not enemies..":nuts:
    I probably will keep both.
  9. Congrats- the color is gorgeous!
  10. i'm glad you decided to keep it. it would be so hard to choose.....the hudson is gorgeous too!
    can't wait to see you model your babies! congrats again!