OMG such a rude buyer!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Ok I have a Hayden Harnett clutch wallet for sale on ebay in violet crinkle patent leather. That is the name from Hayden Harnett. I photographed it and it looks a little brighter in the photos then the real life color. I have a buyer ask about the color and here are the exchanges we made.

    Hi! I know this is weird....but you cal it violet...but to me it looks magenta or pinkish. Would you kindly hold it up to your computer monitor and tell m which color it most closely resembles? Much appreciated....

    then there was a bunch of numbers and symbols following the message, she sent it through ebay

    Hi! the name of the wallet is Violet Clutch Wallet and I bought it straight from Hayden Harnett. The wallet is a much deeper color than it shows in the pictures. It is most defintely a purple color with plum undertones. It looks way more pinkish in the pics than in real life. None of the pics are the excat color because of the flash. But without flash they are blurry. But it does have pinky plum undertones. but in real life you would say that is purple not pink. But that is my opinion and I dont know exactly what color purple you are looking for. I hope this helps!

    So how come you wouldn't look at the color shart I provided and choose the right color?...especially if the photos are so 'off'? p.s. all you do is photograph it in daylight with no flash!

    Ok now I am mad, I think this was rude

    Ok, I'm not trying to be rude. I did not see a color chart just a bunch of jumbled up letters and numbers. I did take the pic during the day, and sometimes in pictures you cannot get a true color. Since the color is such a issue for you, dont bid on my auction. I dont know what color you are looking for and this is a plum purple. Which means it has pink undertones. It is not a Barney purple. go to the purse forum for more pictures of the color. Hayden harnett website is sold out of the color so they dont have it on the site right now. I am trying to give the best representation of the color I can through pictures. If you are unsure please dont purchase it.

    Gladly...I will not purchase it. Right. Sell something misrepresented and blame the buyer for being too picky. Smart. Good luck. And good luck to the person who has to argue with you later for misrepresenting your item. eBay deserves more honesty and etics...but not today folks.

    :cursing: tell me what you think? I am so mad!
  2. started out so well, what a fast deterioration!
  3. Block this blockhead and move on.
  4. I would've told her "Damn skippy you won't be purchasing it cause you're BLOCKED beyotch"! Well, maybe not those exact words. Something along those lines where she would've clearly gotten my point. LOL!

    "Barney purple". LOL! Block her and move on. She's simple.
  5. She has 1900 feedback almost all buying so she should know you cant attach things to a email sent through ebay. Like a color chart. I will post a link to my auction, after it is over to see what everyone thinks about the way I "represented" the item
  6. :cursing: sorry for still ranting but I am just mad. I did take a photo outside and it looks the same as my auction pics. this color is just hard to photograph. It is just darker and more purple colored IRL. But it is plum purple. I'm just so upset about her saying I am misrepresenting my item because the color is hard to photograph. AND if she thinks this color doesnt represent "violet" than she should write to Hayden Harnett. I didn't name the item. :Push:
  7. This person needs to keep in mind that every monitor is different! I get different color/tones/hues from one computer to the other.
    What a PITA!
  8. dyannek - thank your lucky stars this happened before she bought the clutch! I know she's bloody rude and that this is an unpleasant experience for you, but get mad, vent it out then be happy that this whole shemozzle happened pre-transaction, not post-transaction.

    At least this way, you can block her for this auction and all future auctions - you certainly don't want to be dealing with her EVER. I'm sorry that you had to deal with such a rude person, but imagine what she would have been like if she actually had the clutch in her possession and was demanding a refund!
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    Last edited: Jan 31, 2009
    I'm an HH fan and had a VCP Lorca, so I know first-hand the issues with this color. The HH website makes it look more purple (bluer) than magenta, so when I got it I was not loving the shade of purple. Ironically, I love purple and lavender, but I absolutely hate magenta and fushia. Anyway, one thing is asking about the color of a bag, requesting outdoor photographs under direct and indirect sunlight (something I've done), making comparisons, etc., and another thing is being an A-HOLE. ITA with you that this buyer's tone was nasty. And I also agree that it's extremely difficult to capture this color in the photos--no flash shows a shade that's just way too dark, while the flash makes it look pinker than it is. Could you please post the fBay ID and/or PM me? I'd love to check out her auctions...especially her photos...
  10. HAHA she sent you a color chart and asked you to hold it up and choose one? Sorry but that is just funny. I think you explained it very well saying this is what it looks like to me. I've never heard of someone sending a chart and saying which one is it. I could picture her mailing people paint swatches and telling them to pick the closest match. Sorry you had to go through that. Be lucky she didn't actually purchase.
    That did make my night though. :roflmfao:
  11. Thanks so much everyone! I totally agree that I am so lucky she didnt buy first and then this happened. Whew! I feel better now thanks for letting me vent!
  12. :tup: LOVE that reply!

    I had a similar problem with an Hermes bag I was selling on Ebay. The color was beige. It was authenticated on tPF and everyone called it beige. I posted it on Ebay and buyers kept emailing me asking if it was another color and telling me it looked different on their monitors. To me it looked... beige! Hey, what can you do?
  13. wow, she was totally being unreasonable. sorry you had to deal with that and props to you for dealing with her patiently.
  14. :cursing: totally a rude buyer, block her id. She sounds like a pain in @#$$, lucky she didn't buy your bag.
  15. lol at "barney color." That made my day. Sorry you had such an experience with a troublesome potential buyer. Blocking her sounds like a good plan. :yes: