OMG! So in love with bulldog!!

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  1. :heart:OMG OMG OMG...I am gonna have to get this: I have been waiting and waiting for Coach to make something in a bulldog and this is SO CUTE!


    We finally got ourselves a bulldog puppy about 5 months ago and he is my :heart:. I think Coach should make a fob for all dog breeds!
  2. I know, its SO cute! I'm getting one on Friday!
  3. ---------------

    I have to get that! If not for me then for my 10 y/o DD. Congrats on your new fob and your sweet puppy! In terms of Coach making a fob for every breed...well, our dog is a mix so I'm not sure what that would look like :confused1:. But being Coach I'm sure I'd still love it, lol.
  4. Thank you! I can't wait to get it...I was in my boutique just this afternoon ordering a Carly for PCE and I'm suprised they didn't mention him to me. I always go in there to buy fobs and charms and such...between me and my daughter, we must have every animal they ever made! is my little stinker:



    Doesn't he look just like the keyfob!?
  5. Oh my word...your pup is tooo sweet, especially in that second pic where he's looking dead-on at the camera totally unaware of how adorable he is:yes:.
  6. And, yes he does look just like the fob!
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    He's so cute! I ordered him a couple of weeks ago and he's even more adorable in person!
  8. Aww, how adorable! :: scoots on over to the website to see what else is new ::
  9. here's my bully! I'm getting a keyfob on Friday too!!!:tup:

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  10. :nuts::nuts::nuts: HE IS AWESOME! I can't wait for my Bobo to fully grow into his "Bully-ness" :P

    We should start a little Bully Coach club cverhoff!
  11. That fob is too cute. And knutty, your dog is just precious.
  12. To Cute , you all have adorable bulldogs and yes they do look like the keyfob .
  13. My goodness, another bulldog cutie!