OMG smooshy turq '05 city BIN 1350, SB 1200

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  1. I know I saw that too this morning but looking at bag's condition it is pretty bit up..all the stain and scratches..I dont think it's worth that much I think it should be lower than retail...:sad:
  2. its a used bag to me the "damage" is minimal, I like it alot, I almost did BIn, but I'm supposed to be on a ban....I would like a Turquoise bag eventually.
  3. it's a bit roughed up but i would think 1200 would be ok...
  4. I also think that the price is a bit high for a bag that shows that much wear but the colour is sooo beautiful!:love:
  5. What an honest seller offering a beautiful bag! Good luck to all that want this!
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