omg! omg! Guessing game!!!

  1. What did I just buy and is coming in the mail.


    1. vintage
    2. Limited Edition
    3. I have only seen one ever on ebay in the last year
    4. Rare
    6. Yes it is a purse (not an accessory)

    I will be willing to answer questions in yes/no format
  2. And yes ....I broke my purse ban....twice in the last week....I have to change my coding for my signature now :sweatdrop:
  3. hmm. waltz oscar?
  4. no (now goes to see what a waltz oscar is to see if you are close)
  5. Ok went to go see what a Waltz Oscar. That bag is to die for.

    This is more on the lower-priced end but I had to buy it because it is so unusual I have never seen it *and yes this is from a reputable seller that I have dealt with in the past so it is not a fake*.

    Let's just say it is so unique I have never even seen a fake of it on ebay.
  6. is it monogram canvas?
  7. no It is not monogram canvas (I think that is what you were asking)
  8. is it epi?
  9. is it an epi piece?
  10. yay we have the same question :roflmfao: :flowers:
  11. no it is not epi
  12. Is it made out of some type of exotic skin?
  13. i think i might be from the perfo line?
  14. it is made out of a traditional line (monagram canvas was close) so no traditional skin. However, the design of it would be how you would say...exotic/unique.
  15. wait nvm. you said it is vintage