OMG-my first pair :-))


Apr 1, 2008
It was the weirdest thing- I woke up early on my own on a day that I really didn't have to(quite rare since I am a night owl) came online to check my email etc.. of course I had to check the sales page at neiman, and there it was. It is not the "first pair" I had intended to get as I want a sexy little number but I have loved these for a while. Oh and on sale is pretty sa-weet after all that was all I needed to convince me :smile:

So this is how it begins, with a cute little pair of booties- who knew?!

I am really excited! I hope they fit b/c they are a size 38.5. Normal shoe size is 38 but sometimes in point toe I go up to 8.5. Hopefully they are perfect!!

I guess I have to go on a ban till next month-(I have to stay on some sort of personal control) I wish I have never told hubby about the red sole shoes and the price tag to go with them. It's harder to hide

Anyone have these? are they comfy? Will of course show pics when my package arrives!



sofa king zen
Mar 18, 2007
Congrats, ria~
Yes, this is how it begins... ;) Congrats on your first pair! Sorry I can't provide feeback on the fit, but please share intel & pics when you get them. :yes:


Nov 28, 2007
congrats!! These boots keep appearing and dissapearing on neiman
im happy you got them and dont forget to post pics when you get them in the mail!