OMG, my buyer TOTALLY FREAKED out on me!!

  1. ok so I seriously have to vent. I was selling an item and my auction happened to end on Thanksgiving early evening. I was busy all day with family so I didn't get to check my auctions or emails till Fri AM. I get an email from the buyer saying he wants verification that I received payment. I email him right away and say that I did get payment and that the item would be shipped out either that day or Sat am. So it turns out that we were still busy w/family all day fri as well so I wasn't able to get the item out in the mail but I figure I'm covered cuz I told the guy for sure by Sat right.

    So I get up Sat am and start to package up the item and go to get his info from paypal around 9am when I see that I have 6 emails from him/eBay. And one of them is my personal info (you know how a buyer/seller can request personal info). Then I check my cell phone and I have 1 text and 2 voicemails from him. OMG!!! :rolleyes:

    So one of the emails says how he sent me payment, why am I not communicating with him, etc, etc. One of the voicemails then goes on to say that I am running my business bad and I basically took off w/his $60 but according to my excellent feedback he was gonna give it a couple days before he did anything about it and do I actually have an item to sell or was it all bogus.


    Then I see that he was emailing me from a diff email addy then the one eBay gave me, so I email him on that one and told him I emailed him fri and that the item was going out today. He then sends me an email back saying OH SORRY, it's been so long since I've used eBay that my info wasn't updated.

    ARE YOU SERIOUS BUDDY?? :cursing:

    weirdos buy on BEWARE!!
  2. LOL... it's that time of year....
  3. WHOA WHOA....thats really out of the ordinary!
  4. Ah yes, it's holiday time and the freaks come out full force ...

    Of course I don't need to ask if you sent him the item with some sort of tracking ... I hope! LOL
  5. over $60? lol....
  6. If you sent him messages through ebay he would still get them there in "My Messages" when he signed in, even if his email info was wrong. And because he requested your contact info, you KNOW he signed into ebay. What a psycho! Sorry you had to deal with him!

  7. yeah I shipped it through paypal w/dc and insured. ;)
  8. :roflmfao: He is probably having some issues in his life... forgive him!
  9. well I played the message from my cell for my sister and it said it was left at 9am and he's on the east coast (west for me), so I'm not sure if that meant 9am my time or his but my sister said he sounded totally drunk on it. GREAT! That's just what I need now.............a DRUNK PSYCHO BUYER!! :wtf::push:
  10. freak show sounds about right.
  11. I'm not sure if this story is funny or scary! I also don't really like ebay giving out my personal info. The buyer could really be crazy!
  12. I screen my calls now because I had this totally messed up experience with a seller, and she's harassing me because I reported her. I'm sooo tempted to change my number on ebay's system, but sadly I'll get banned for it.

    I SERIOUSLY am gonna scream!! :hysteric:
  14. I checked the tracking and it says undeliverable as addresses and it's coming back to me!! WTF?? Paypal said it was confirmed and that's the address I sent it to, I even asked the buyer if that was his address and he said yes!

    So I called his PO to find out what happened and guess it's one of those summer resort type locations (he lives in MA) and yes the house is at the address he gave me but they don't get mail there, they get it at the PO in a PO Box!!

    The mail clerk I spoke with knew the address and the owner and said that they have lived there for 30 years so they should definately know that they don't get mail delivered to their house so he's puzzled as to why the guy gave me his house address instead of the PO Box address.


    Luckily the clerk said I wouldn't be charged for the return shipping (let's hope not). So this is the plan once I get the item back:

    gonna block the guy from ever bidding on my auctions again
    gonna refund him back for the auction MINUS the shipping costs
    gonna call the phone company to have his number blocked from calling me!
  15. OMG! Sorry that you've to go through this.

    Some ppl just don't grow up!