omg, MORON sa's at macys in burbank today!!

  1. ok so I went to macys today in burbank to check out what toki they had on sale and also to see the tutti.

    so i find this foresta porta and think oh cool it must be on sale. I go scan the tag and it says it's still $84. I look closer and the tag says "portatelefono l'amore". I'm like WTF?? Then I find a black Luna with colored hardware and I freak out. I go to scan that tag and it says $210. I look at that tag and it says "luna famiglia". I looked inside the bag and for sure it was the OP, so no way it was supposed to be full price. I bring them both over to the SA's and explain to them that both bags have the wrong tags on them, the print doesn't match what the tags says and that both these bags should be on sale. The STUPID sa then says, no these aren't sale, THESE ARE NEW! I proceed to try and explain to her that the OP was the first ever print to come out years ago and she says, no we just got the black in last month. She won't even let me finish explaining and keeps cutting me off till I say "never mind, you're dumb and have no clue what you're talking about". I got so mad I could have slapped her!! I hate when people don't let you finish talking and spit out garbage that they think they know but don't. UGH!! :cursing:

    Anywho, I ended up getting a tutti babinone (20% off -w/no scary devil mask guy on it) from the macys in glendale and I got a pirata BV for my sis for $57 on sale and I got an adios star canguro on sale for me both from burbank.......but not sure yet if I'm gonna keep it.
  2. oh they also had a AS gioco and luna on sale too but they were on hold for a Katie. So Katie if you a tpf'er, congrats!!

    the gioco was $72 and the luna was $94.50 and then they both would have been an extra 20% off w/my coupon!!
  3. a BV for 57?! :[ I want one.. XD
  4. Geez sorry you had to deal with Sas like that. It has hapened to me before
  5. I think the SA's need to be cut a little slack... I had been in retail for a long time and it SUCKS. Hell, being a preschool teacher, I'm still in retail in reality!! Maybe those bags actually did just arrive, so to them who know nothing about tokidoki consider it "new"...

    But I do agree, you shouldn't cut a customer off when they're trying to say something.
  6. I worked in retail for years so I know sometimes it sucks but I never cut someone off when they were talking to me and the girl didn't even bother to try and investigate the situation, she just brushed me off. That's what ticked me off the most.
  7. Yeah, that's just wrong... and rude. Tell her to go back to preschool so she can learn some manners. *lol*
  8. ohhh do they teach that in preschool, my little one is starting next week and he def needs to learn them!! he's been such a little sh*t lately!! :lecture:
  9. If it's a good preschool, yeah. Is it accredited? I wouldn't send my child to an unaccredited one...
  10. If I were you I'd scare the SA and be like... "What's your name and employee number. I want to talk to your manager." You can always threaten with management in retail IMO and management at least MOST of the time knows how to deal w/ customer service... if they don't take it to someone higher ;)
  11. jenn - your avatar is hysterical!!
  12. :wtf:WOW! I wish i could find a BV for that price.
  13. I'm so pissed, I went to the Macy's by my house to get a price adjustment on my AS Gioco and none of the Toki's were on sale!! They refused to give me the adjustment. Unfortunately I could only go after work and didn't have time to try a different one. Do you think that if I go to a different Macy's, one where the bags were on sale yesterday, they'd still give me the adjustment?

  14. I'm as pissed as you, gingiemay. I went to 3 Macy's today and none of them had any Tokis on signs, no evidence of markdowns, no nothing! :crybaby:

    i always have such bad luck with scoring hot deals :cursing:
  15. hehe... Thanks Spacytracy... I also drew this on my bf's facebook when I was bored one night :biggrin: