OMG Look at these 7 jeans

  1. Yeah, it's so sad :yucky:

    The only way I can authenticate jeans before purchase now, is to get them checked over first by the girls at
  2. They're all fake...but no surprise. Fake jeans are a big business. These days I feel like I see more people wearing FAKE jeans than the real thing!
  3. ewwww! fake jeans are so sad!
  4. Yeah, I didn't even think about fake jeans being an issue until I got a pair of 'Deisel' jeans online that were very much fake when they arrived!
  5. The sad thing is they're not the only company. I browse through craiglist and saw at list another 2-3 similar ones. So sad....
    The quality looks worse than regular paris blue, lei jeans...and you can get those for $20-$30
  6. the quality looks alot like beyonce's dereon brand - although I like the fact that they stretch a bit around your hips and booty I know that some people will prefer the fake jeans to the real ones because they have more 'give' in the areas u need them in the booty!! lol
  7. The highlight of that site for me is the neon light dancer girl they have inbetween pix....very classy
  8. That's terrrible!
  9. I must be naive, but I had no idea people were selling fake jeans! Don't know why, since people counterfeit nearly everything.
  10. this is why I buy my jeans from and elux. they can fake ANYTHING these days.
  11. Wow, I have tons of Sevens and couldn't tell that many of these were fakes! Thanks for enlightening me! By the way how can u tell?
  12. if you can't tell by the wash/quality, the tag is the surest way. 7 tags are stamped, not stitched! some fakes have stamped tags now but they are never the right font.
  13. My goodness. Theres fake everything :sad:
  14. fake jeans? are you freaking kidding me?

    designer jeans just look and feel like all other jeans to me (which is why i buy jeans at target. heh) but nothing safe? lordy.