OMG, Leather Bleecker duffles and other Coach finds at TJ Maxx!!

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  1. Wow, I just bought the large Bleecker duffle in british tan at TJ Maxx!! Actually, I admit I used to own this one and sold it a while back when I bought the british tan Felicia (I thought they were too similar in color, etc). Now of course, I decided to buy it again, lol!

    I went to 3 different Maxx locations, and all have some Coach! I haven't seen the Bleecker duffles before, but they appear to carry both large and small, and both leather and signature (in brown). Last night I also bought a signature Bleecker duffle to give as a gift. They have more of the signature ones than the leather ones (at least what's left a my locations).

    Also there are other various Coach bags...some leather Soho flaps, Hampons carryalls, etc. You guys might want to check out your local Maxx and Marshalls soon!!
  2. How much was the large british tan bleecker duffle may I ask? I saw a Felicia at my outlet yesterday but it was still $600.
  3. Wow! Nice find! Sooo not fair! LOL! the TJ's around here don't have diddly...
  4. OH, sorry, forgot to post the prices... I think the smaller duffles were around $170 ($328) and the large $229 ($448 retail)?? I have to check my receipts, but around that range. I think the Hamptons was more like $150, for a $358 retail bag.

    JKM... Keep checking...they might just be getting them in. They get stock in Tuesdays here, but usually take at least a couple of days to put the stuff out on the floor.

    Oopsididitagain.... I got my Felicia a while ago through Nordstrom. It was $296. They may still have some black, but all the brown ones are sold out. Macys did have the black, though...I just saw one last weekend. It was 30% off, but F&F is coming up, so they will probably hold it for you!
  5. OMG i wasjust gonna post to. my marshalls had 6 leather duffles and a couple of sig. ones as well. They also had chelsea stuff and some totes and soho. you guys really need to check them out! =)
  6. Wow, what great finds! None of my TJ Maxx have any good Coach:tumbleweed:
  7. I must have been confused as to what a Felicia looks like. My outlet had a great big bleecker bag with two big front pockets and it was tan and cost $600. I used to think it was a Felicia but now I'm having another oops moment. lol:confused1:

  8. It's probably the Elisa I guess??...that's a Bleecker with 2 front pockets.
  9. Wow!!! what a great deal! Congrats!

  10. Oh yeah, I forgot that about the Chelseas! They did have a black leather one, and prior to today, I saw more.

    What colors did they have in the Bleeckers at your Marshalls? I only saw browns at all the places I went to.
  11. I can't wait to check out my Maxx tomorrow and the other one downtown on Monday.
  12. didn't someone say that Maxx was having a designer event this week?
  13. What state are you in? I think I might need to make a road trip.
  14. Maybe that's it! I can't find one on ebay to compare.
  15. Im very jealous. All my TjMaxx had was some signature stripe pouches and a wallet.