OMG! Ivory Muse is 50% off at NM online

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  1. I tried ordering this and they cancelled my order. I think this is already sold out even though they haven't updated their site.
  2. OMG! Thanks bag.lover!
  3. Man... I was too late!!

    Did you get a chance to grab one bag.lover?

    That's pretty awesome if you did.
  4. I grabbed this around 1:30-1:45pm PST and my order has gone through fine.

    Just saw this thread now and had to share.
  5. That's great! It's such a good price. Please post pics once you get it!
  6. Missed out on that! What a good deal!
  7. I don't think there were too many left, but it's available when I posted the link. I didn't get one though, I wish it's the medium size.
  8. Congrats!!!! You got a great deal! Please post pics when you get it. =)
  9. Missed out on that one too--order went through, but eventually was cancelled....think they oversell the items or can't get them off fast enough....however things work out, found the Chloe chain patent Betty at BG for 1/2 off I'd been looking for, so I guess it was a good thing..........saved some money. Congrats on your purchase!!
  10. Oooh.. that is such a deal! I wish I could have gotten one too!
  11. I want to cry. I can't belive I missed that!
  12. they are having the muse hair calf in bronze now, also 50% off, hope someone can grab it :biggrin:
  13. Great deal. Congratulations on your steal of a deal.