OMG it's here!! My dream bad is here!!

  1. (not "bad" LOL I meant "bag" oups! Was over excited)
    Xmas has come early for me today :party: The fedex man arrived with my package and.....I am a proud new owner of an 03 emerald first!!!:yahoo: :love:

    It was worth every penny and the long wait:tender: Here are the pics!

  2. That is so gorgeous. I am glad you finally found her! What a great holiday present to yourself!!!
  3. She is a beauty!!! Love the color. Where on earth did you find that wonderful bag in such great condition????
  4. Aaah, well a Balenciaga angel came to me and offered me it...LOL!:graucho::roflmfao:
  5. congrats it's lovely? where did you find this beauty???
  6. Great buy! ENJOY!
  7. wow! I love that color. Its beautiful
  8. Funny your "freudian" lapsus, bad, bag...Amazing what a beautiful bag and in such a great shape!:love: :drool:
  9. LOL Thank you:love: I love it to bits!
  10. per, what can I say...? I LOVE YOUR BAG :yahoo: :yahoo: !!!!!!!!!!!!!! So happy for you... What a present !!!
    Enjoy it !!!
  11. Beautiful! And I love your boots too...
  12. Good grief! I think every member of this forum (except me) is thin and gorgeous! You look great!
  13. BEAUTIFUL!! :drool: That is the perfect shade of green and the leather looks so supple. Congrats!
  14. Congrats.
  15. your new Balenciaga is so gorgeous...................elegant, classy, trendy, adorable, useful, hardy, impressive..........................i know she will be a wonderful sister/daughter/friend for you!!

    PS and goes with everything, green is one of the new blacks:supacool: