OMG!! items in shopping basket!!!

  1. OMG!!! Just when I was about to place an order for Skye from Joy GRYSON's handbag line at, I saw 4 items totally USD$4k+ in my shopping basket!! I can't believe how they got there!!! I created an online account there a few days ago b/c I wanted to take advantage of LuckyRewards 3% rebate (my previous NM orders were always placed over the phone). How horrible!!!!

    Anyone with similar experience?
  2. BG does that to me ALL the time! I posted about it but no one else has had that happen.

    We must have "sucker" written on our foreheads!
  3. if you clicked on a link to get to the neiman's site, it gave you someone else's shopping cart. no idea why but it happens a lot.
  4. It gives you someone elses shopping cart? thats odd! & not exactly safe is it? I know once or twice on ebay I've got someone elses account & If I'd had been a really evil person I could have ruined their account for them, but I'm not, so I just logged out, emptied my cache & mailed the poor user about it!

    But a shopping cart! thats just ... wrong!

    Hey, isn't it a shame though that you can't get someone elses order, but they get the bill!?:biggrin:
  5. Actually, I didn't click on any link to go to neiman's site. I typed their URL in the address space myself. After logging in (I entered my password), I see items that I never added in my shopping basket! I freaked out! Immediately removed all the items from my cart, deleted all credit card info stored on their site, called their customer service line to make sure that no one had placed any order under my account.
  6. Must be since we are apparently the only 2 ppl who experienced that! =)