OMG.. I'm sooooo upset.. I'm kicking myself really hard now

  1. and i missed these.. 'cuz of stoopid skul

    How could I miss these? :crybaby:

    I even emailed.. just to find out if someone might not pay.. you know.. hehe.. well.. at least i tried.. both buyers paid already

    theperfectpick is really the perfect buyer.. i bought the Vuitton Cherry Blossom Retro Sac from her in the past.. long time ago.. and sold it already.. i actually made money back then.. oh boy.. so sad
  2. Me too! I saw the first bag and was watching it, but I totally forgot when it ended. I can't believe it only sold for $280!
  3. i know.. there's another version.. the small hand held version on eBay right now.. brown too.. but i like my bag over my shoulder i guess.. plus 1 of my girlfriends already has it.. so.. i can't have it now
  4. Really? I'm going to check that out. But if your friend has the bag you can always borrow it from her;)
  5. she has this

    that's the one i meant to say.. smaller hand held version.. i like it better.. but the shoulder version theperfectpick sold only ended at 280.. and i forgot to bid.. how stupid was that?

    and the girly boston.. i live like 15 mins from her... i was gonna bid and come pick up pay cashhh.. omg.. ended at 2 something tooo... OMGGGGG
  6. are they authentic?
  7. to me.. they seem fine.. and i totally trust theperfectpick.. she's great.. trustworthy seller