OMG, I want this! Caramel Purse; lovely!

  1. WOW! What great leather on her!
  2. Does anyone remember the retail on the Purse style?
  3. Whow it's beautiful in perfect condition, just not my style...go for it!
  4. Get it Becca! Make an offer. It's in lovely condition.
  5. I think retail is $1095.
  6. Becca..... go for it - make your offer :yes: - it's really GORGEOUS :drool: !

    Good luck :flowers:
  7. Crap, I shouldn't have clicked on the link! Now I want!!!! But no cash, go for it Becca - it's soooooooooo delish!
  8. yup, $1095. Becca it's gorgeous, get it!!!
  9. What do you guys think would be a fair offer?
  10. I'd start with retail - $1095, you could always negotiate upwards. But that's because I'm toit, toit like a toiger.
  11. It depends on how much you want it. I think anything > $1,000 would be fair for that bag. But you can only make 1 offer (through Ebay), so make it your best offer.
  12. She is so nice!
    I almost bought this from her...she offered it to me for $1195... a little on the high side I think but I would have paid it... but then I decided I like the City more than the Purse (another story!)
  13. Do you guys think the handles look darkened? I really like this style.
    becca4277: did you make an offer?
  14. I didn't think they looked dark - she had emailed me some more pics but I think I deleted them when I decided not to get it ....