OMG... I think I'm in love with Bedford... / Papillon..

  1. I've been a Chanel Girl and I've been browsing with LV forum a lot lately.. Gosh... The rolling club is really tempting me to go astray with my Chanel necessities!! I'm in love with every Bedford color!! And with the Paps!!

    I'm also thinking of the MC white.. Is it too white?? I've seen it IRL.. But doesn't amaze me that much in person as much as it does in the pics.. Should I give in or not??
  2. go for the MC white. its so gorgeous and my favorite line. I wish they would make a MC stephen.
  3. you can try with the canvas style first...there's no MC white papillon...!
  4. You can soufflot (epi) to that list...basically the same shape!

    Doesn't come in MC, though...:sad:

    I have some capacity pics, I will dig them up for you :smile:
  5. LOL.. Sorry to confuse you guys.. The MC Speedy question is different from the Pap.. :biggrin: I forgot to add the "speedy" in it. LOL.. Sorry!!!
  6. Agree with LVobsessed415, go for MC but for Pap, try to get Miroir Pap or Cherry Blossom Pap, for Bedford, I like in Framboise, Indigo, Amarante ( ..etc ) and agree with twinkle.tink, go for Ivoire Soufflot ( I ever had in Vanilla and it's so pretty ) :smile: post us your decision