Omg! I Just Ordered This Prada !!!

  1. it will be here in the am..I overnighted it..LOL

    LOVE...LOVE..LOVE..and yes..this is the smallest they make it...its 12 x 17 x5....CANT WAIT TO GET IT!!!!!!!
  2. [​IMG]
  3. it was 1750..and I really think its worth it..LOL..we shall see tomorrow..stay tuned for pics...
  4. OOOOOOOOooo! That is SOOO nice!! Congrats!!
  5. You are sooo BAD Jill! But I LOVE it :upsidedown: Can't wait for you to model the bag for us :love:
  6. It really is a fabulous bag, Jill! Congrats to you! I can't wait to see pics! Is that black? I've only seen pics of it in the brown/bronze color.
  7. yep-I got black..cuz the brown isnt in yet..LOL..then I will get it in brown too if I really love..hee.hee.hee.
  8. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: You really are our Prada queen!:queen:
  9. I love that bag. Very unique! Congrats!!!
  10. Jill, it is fab!!! I am sure you will love it! We are anxiously waiting for pictures!
  11. I personally can't wait to see the pics. Congratulations and something to look forward to on Tuesday!
  12. WOW. Jill is the undisputed Prada mommy. =)
    The size is perfect for you Jill, big enough to hold everything but not overwhelming. Can't wait to see pics . =)
  13. When is the brown coming in?
  14. Wow Jill, I love it!!! Are you still getting the first one you posted a couple of days ago?? I cant remember the name of it.
  15. Love it - you have the best taste. :yes: Can't wait to see pics!