OMG I just bought 4 pairs of Coach Shoes!!!!! *PICS*


Which color Janessa Wedges should I keep:

  1. Khaki Signature/Red Leather

  2. Black Signature/Black Leather

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  1. So I just got back from Dillard's right now! I bought 2 pairs of gorgeous Janeesa wedges, 1 pair of Barrett and Roana sneakers!!! YAY!!!! :yahoo:

    I am so excited that I am just going to put up eBay pics for now and then put up real pics when I get a chance! ;)

    What do you guys think of them? I am trying to decide between the black and red slides. I like them both, but I don't know if I really need both. So help me choose one!

    Janeesa wedges:

    Scribble Barrett Sneakers:

    White/Khaki Roana Sneakers

  2. I personally would get more use out of the red.
    But for most, the black would probably be a better choice in that they are a basic color that will work with many outfits.
    Those scribble sneakers are adorable.
    Congrats on your great finds.
  3. I think the red are really sharp. A good pair of red shoes is hard to come by imo, I'd keep the red.
  4. Love the red wedges!! And both pairs of sneakers are cute especially the scribble ones!
  5. wow how cute, what great buys. I would keep the black.
  6. I have the Janeesa slides in black/black and I wear them all the time. I think the red pair is gorgeous but I think you'd probably get more wear out of the black pair.
  7. omg.. the Janeesa's! I'm drooling here! :drool::greengrin: Love those! dang my dillards for not carrying coach shoes!
  8. I love them both, but if you can only keep one pair, I'd keep the black, you would get more use out of them. :smile:
  9. I just bought my 13 DD the red ones. They are hot. I love them!! If you got a crazy good price keep them all!!!!
  10. I love them all. I dont think I am going to be much help because I would keep them both.
  11. How do the wedges fit? are they true to size?
  12. Ooh I love the Roana sneakers! The black wedges matches with more things, so you would get better use out of them. Then again, I do think that the red ones look very sharp. I'd go with the red ones just for its attractiveness!!
  13. I love them both, and would honestly be more inclined to return one of the sneakers instead. The Barretts are around every season, but the wedges aren't.
  14. I agree completely with Mokoni, I think the red are so beautiful. But the black would get way more use.
  15. I would definetely keep the black, you really can wear them with anything they're both beautifull