OMG I just binged horribly

  1. Just bought a Kooba Charlie in black and a Gustto Torlia in white, while I'm supposedly on a ban. :nuts:

    But they're both so pretty and what if they sell out before I get them. Got reasonable deals, which is how I'm justifying it. Got the Kooba off eBay and the Gustto with a 20% off code on Active Endeavors. Please tell me I did good and I'm not a horribly obsessed, insane person.:sweatdrop: Here are the pics off the websites.
    Charlie.jpg Torlia.jpg
  2. You did the right thing and are not a horribly obsessed insane person! Seriously, they are gorgeous and the thing about bag buying is that it is from the heart so 'bans' are merely limits on healthy emotional responses and time is a social construction, ergo 'bans' are too - does that work?! Enjoy your gorgeous bags.
  3. just limit yourself on your future purchases!
    because how often would you be able to find these bags at the budget you want? especially with such great bags!
  4. You are a horribly obsessed insane person JUST LIKE THE REST OF US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Well, it's pretty hard to resist the Charlie, and Koobas seem to keep their value. Plus you can always return the Gustto if you don't like it.

    We are all such good enablers here!
  6. Nicely done! Don't you love a good ban? :p
  7. I think you will love the Torlia. I Love mine. It's a great comfy shoulder bag. I couldn't deal with white though. I have no white bags and never will. And of course the Charlie is a winner.
  8. Thanks gals, you really are wonderfully supportive.
  9. Oh Jan, bans are for the birds. Enjoy your new bag!

    *here, have some more chocolate*
  10. If you're gonna binge, do it in style I say :lol:
    I :heart: both of those bags!! Cant wait to see the 'real life' pics!
  11. congrats, it was worth breaking the ban, i'd say. :p
  12. nice bags, and the white is so much better for summer.
  13. Ha. Asking us TPFers to tell you that you were wrong buying way too many bags will never happen. We're all pretty bad when it comes to buying purses. :graucho:

    However, if it makes you feel any better, Active Endeavors is GREAT when it comes to returning things. It's hassle free, so if you find out you don't like it, it's no trouble to send it back without any problems. :yes:

  14. I love the Gustto! so how can I score the same 20% off deal?
  15. I used the code "grechen" on Active Endeavors. I think that specific bag is gone now. When I wanted to stalk it earlier today, it was not on the website anymore. I was nervous about getting mine until I got my shipment notification about an hour ago.