OMG! I have the Holy Grail

  1. I have, in my possession, an 04 black city with silver hardware. Very, very minimal wear on the corners, and otherwise perfect. Just broken in, still with the Balenciaga scent. Leather is thick, smooshy, like spongy silk. I don't even know how to describe it. Matt, with just enough glow to give it depth, like velvet. All the way home from the post office, i stoked and carressed her in my lap. My husband thinks I am certifiable.

    I can't even begin to describe how perfect the silver hardware is against the black leather. I knew this would be the perfect combination. I have arrived <sigh>. My life is complete.
    blackcity.jpg blackcity2.jpg clackcityside.jpg
  2. Wow! It looks like it was hardly used at all. The leather is gorgeous and I love the silver! congrats.
  3. congrats! the bag looks absolutely new and the leather on the bag looks amazing! Your incredibly lucky to have this in your collection.:drool:
  4. That first pic makes me want to reach through the screen, grab it, and RUN!!!!!!! OMG, it is TDF. Congrats!
  5. SOOOOO amazing! That leather looks sooo soft! I've never seen a nicer black city before!!! CONGRATS!!!
  6. so pretty.. .so smooshy!! i wanna TOUCH!!
  7. Congrats on finding your '04 black city! It's very nice! I love pewter hardware so much. :heart:
  8. Sooooo Gorgeous! Congrats....! where did you find an authentic used city???
  9. :drool: Oh MY GOODNESS!!! That's all I can say. :drool: :love:
  10. Thanks ladies:smile:
    I got her from a wonderful PF member.
  11. It's beautiful!! Congrats!
  12. wow. stunning!
  13. Awesome find!!! :yahoo:
  14. WOw thats incredible - the nicest combination.
  15. That is also my dream bag! It's beautiful...You are soooooooooo lucky!