OMG I HATE myself sometimes!!

  1. ok so I just stuck my stuff inside my new Illovo PM and I'm thinking it's a tad too small. :rolleyes: I might have to go back tomorrow to exchange it for the MM. DH is so sweet he says he loves the bag, it's little and cute and I should keep it then we can go back at a later time and get me a bigger bag! :heart: WOW, I don't know what happened to him, he is usually TIGHT with money and it took him 6 years to buy me an LV in the first place (he was adamant about spending so much $$$ on canvas).

    So anywho ILLOVO MM owners, I need some modeling pics and inside pics please!!

    Here is the PM with no extra room:


    my french purse, camera, cell, lipstick/chapstick and my ziplock baggie of my coupons (yes even though I buy LV's, I'm still sorta cheap!!) :nuts:
  2. I have the MM and love it!! I don't have pictures, but will try and take some tonight.
  3. OH PLEASE DO......thanks!!
  4. well I took a drive back down to Rodeo today and tried out the illovo mm and man it is twice as big as the pm, why don't they make a size in between?? UGH! So anywho I tried it on and it just feels weird on my shoulder, didn't like it, so keeping the PM as I love, love that little bag............the style is so cute!! So YAY!! Finally I am going to keep something I bought!!!

    someone throw me a party!! :party: :drinkup: :drinks:

    Also got a chance to check out the azur pochette in person and try on some of the batignolles bags which much to my dismay, I didn't care for........just too big for me!! I did see the cutest damier small bag but it was like $715, um what was it called...........uh............RAVELLO PM. That is an adorable size bag. And tried out the mono TIKAL PM, again adorable bag but expensive at $750!!

    Thinking my next bag might have to be the mini lin bucket............I tried that on the other day and I loved it and I usually am not a bucket/open top person. Hmmm will have to wait for April!!
  5. Glad youre keeping it, love that little bag!
  6. i love the llovo! im going to try it on when i go to the boutique!
  7. ok look how cute it is (don't mind the mess in the background!!):

  8. ^^^it looks great on you!!! Congrats!
  9. it does look great, i rarely see that style! congrats! (and don't worry, i'm very indecisive too.)
  10. I think it looks great on you! :biggrin:
  11. it looks perfect on you!
  12. that looks great on you! I'm glad you didn't return it!
  13. I think it looks great!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Wow! I've never seen that bag on! Looks great on you!
  15. tracy---it looks great on you....there is really no such thing as the perfect bag, if this one suits you so well, enjoy it!:flowers: