Omg I found a pirata canguro at Macys but.......

  1. I think its returned by someone before! I do love the pirata print but I hope I can get a macys coupon for it. Has anyone here ever bought used Tokidokies before? even for the original price?
  2. Hmmm I think you can get the Pirata prints at 40% at the outlets....I've seen a pirata canguro for $72ish at Macy's...I don't think you should be paying full price. ahha

    that's just my thoughts!
  3. I've seen some returned items, in horrible condition being sold in Macy's and they did not slash the price at all to reflect their present condition. I won't buy a visibly used returned item at retail.
  4. i saw a L'Amore and Blanco Portatelefono at Fresno Fashion Fair Mall Macy's today. Once was dirty and one was missing a qee and both were missing the tag. I didn't even want to ask how much eventhough they were 25% + 40% off.
  5. Pirata should be 20% + 40% off at Macy's. If they are selling it for full price they are ripping you off. You can, however, try buying it and taking it to another Macy's for price adjustment.
  6. I wouldn't buy anything used at retail price, especially if its on sale at the lesportsac outlets...I agree w/gingiemay,you should buy amd return it at another macys and see if you can get a price adjustment