omg, I can't believe my eyes....

  1. I'm at a store right now and 2 ladies have 2 of the ugliest fake tulum gms. Unbelieveable.
  2. Those replica makers have got speedy hands !
  3. Yuck!
  4. fast. dannnngggg!
  5. are u in an LV store ??
    coz i would laugh so hard...
  6. HAHA< that would have been funny, no I was at a computer store getting a new Lynksys.
  7. it just makes me angry! :mad:
    Anyways they are probably obvious fakes and I would have laughed out loud. Today when I was having lunch, I saw a lady with a fake cerises speedy, it had the huge scary looking cherries covering the whole bag!:sick:
  8. did they get any looks from the SAs?
  9. She's not at the LV store but at a computer store.:blink:
  10. :smile:
  11. Did you give them dirty looks? :lol:
  12. I looked at them in disgust. It was so funny bc their purses had 2 thick straps, and the outside strap kept falling off of their shoulders. I was giggling. Proudly holding my PH.
  13. I hear ya, I was at South Coast Plaza in Costa Mesa yesterday and amused myself by counting the fake bags. And they actually take them out in public? Arrgghhh.
  14. I saw a fake spy today, and it was so shiny it looked like plastic from 20 metres! It was the honey, and when she saw my paddy, she switched arms. But I felt bad...yup, I'm Canadian! lol!
  15. You girls are so good at spotting them. I wish I could do that. I never really know for sure, unless I see a real bad one. Some of them are so good though, I can't tell for sure. The other day a girl in the mall had an alma bag that was really long and streched out. Then I read in one of these threads that they never made a bag like that. I couldn't tell. I'm trying to learn how though!!!