OMG, I am Pissed! This replica is a bit too good to be true.

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  1. I would never have thought that the suckers would copy the design of the Caryall. But I guess 98% of LV products are copied anyway.

    I really am shocked by the quality of the Caryall replica I accidentally found on this website while googling for "Vuitton Carryall":

    please do not post links to known fakes website.:nogood:

    Try comparing it to MY Carryall at this website: , you'll be surprised.

    The monogram alignment is very similar to the real one. The heat stamps are clean and clear, even the alcantara lining looks real. The only giveaway is that it comes with the hideous looking papers and very fake dust bag.

    Do you reckon the pics are taken from a real Carryall?

    UPDATED: After careful analysis of the photograph of the interior pocket, the heat stamped "LOUIS VUITTON, made in France" in the replica Carryall is larger than the one in my real Carryall. Finally I spotted one difference!


    P.S. How could LV let these fakers appear at the top of Google search results????!!! They should shut down those websites, I'm sure they can with their $$$$$$ from LVMH.
  2. I can't see the pics...
  3. I've heard most pics on fake sites are real but they send you an obvious fake.

    EDIT: The heatstamp does actually look off to me - it's not perfect.
  4. I've just updated the post. The fakers link is here xxxxxxxxxx . DO NOT BUY FROM THAT WEBSITE, THEY SELL KNOCKOFFS!
  5. I have this bag, so just looking at the price is a dead give away for me!! A holes!!! These companies kill me!!
  6. Ugh that does stink. My bet is they use real pics and send you an icky fake w/most sites!
  7. I'd assume so too..
  8. Actually, they send you ones that look like the pics.

    A girl in one of my classes had one, and I had been wondering if it was fake or real and after a long time I decided it was real, there was nothing that I could see that would make it fake. She added me on facebook, and I finally commented on one of her pics that we should go shopping, etc.. and she sent me to that website and said, "yeah, but I go shopping here, not the boutique".. apparently it's a pretty popular site?
  9. That website is CRAZY, they even copied the SUHALI line. The more I look at the site, the angrier I become!!!!!!! Arggggggghhhhhhhh - if only I know their address and have a rifle.


    please do not post a link to a known fakes website:nogood:
  10. meggiew00t - perhaps but not all the time... in this case I could tell by the heatstamp it was fake.. by the outside I wasn't sure because I'm not entirely experienced in luggage.

    skyrider007 - there will always be these sites around.. it's a waste of your time really. I would just try and ignore them.. :yes:
  11. I bet they use real items in there pics.
  12. Good eye! Yes, I've wondered about these "replica" sites, why are they even allowed to operate????? It's so unfair! All the fakes (ones that I can even spot) on eBay...makes me:sad:!~
  13. I don't really think is good that you post those links for fake bags here, I don't think mods like that
  14. I don't like the idea at all of carrying fakes. Just myself knowing I'm carrying a fake is totally not worth it. Even if other people don't know, I wouldn't be able to stand it. I'm interested in getting one just to compare it to a real one though so you can note differences. I just wouldn't feel like spending even a 100 on a fake though. Has anyone here done that before?
  15. NM I looked more closely at other bags. Their alignments are kinda crappy on other bags PLUS the tag loops at the end are huger and rounder than on the real ones. Kinda ugly
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