OMG how could I forget to post this - imagine my surprise

  1. to get this as a Christmas gift from a very special friend. I swear I almost collapsed at work when it was delivered with special instructions to open before xmas to use for the party season. It is the Chloe Bracelet bag, like soooo hard to find nowadays! I am in love! Its the gold version and each bead is a swarovski crystal - the best pressie ever!!! What a friend. My pics do not do this justice!
  2. pics didnt work - strange will try again

  3. i love bracelet bags..! congrats... she is beautiful
  4. thanks Sherry - I am so on the look out for more now to feed my addiction - very very difficult to find though. If you see any in the Big Apple be sure to let me know - I will be there in a shot!
  5. Oh wow, that is gorgeous secret-shopoholic, lucky you!
    You must have a great friend!!!
    Did you use it for the party season? (I'm hoping so...:p)
  6. Yves she was well and trully used - shes now safely tucked away back in her wee bag to keep her nice. Yes she is an amazing friend - I am very lucky.
  7. ^ hehe good to hear, that bracelet bag just screams "take me somewhere nice!"
  8. Ahhh! I would love to have a friend who appreciates my love of bags as much as I do! Great bag, secret_shopaholic!!!
  9. OMG I love that bag!!!

    You are so lucky to have it and such a great friend.
  10. stunning!!!
  11. Great bag! My friend sent me a chloe paddington clutch I was shocked but soooo happy!
  12. How gorgeous!!! Congrats!!!
  13. That bag just rocks! Gorgeous! What a friend!
  14. Wow! Gorgeous bag! I wasn't sure about the bracelet bag when I looked at stock photos on the NM website, but that bag of yours is TDF! :drool: You have such a great friend! Can she be my friend too! ;)
  15. Congrats, that bag is stunning! What a great friend & lovely gift!!!