Omg!! Help!!!!!

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  1. I got up this morning, went downstair, and found out my 1.5 yrs old mini schnauzer ate the entire tube of lip blam......:wtf::wtf:which i put on the coffee table.

    Today is Saturday....the vet isn't open till Monday:push:. What should i do :sad:?!??!?!?!?! He seems fine, playing around as usual....
  2. Try and find a 24 hr vet hospital and call them, but first try and google the lip balm and find out what the ingredients are so you can tell the vet.
  3. Thank GOD!!!:smile: I just called the animal emergency center, and was told that since the lip blam is safe enough to put on the lip, the dog might have some diarrhoea, and thats it....not a big problem (i hope)...:sad:
  4. Well, that is good news, unless you have white carpet.:push:
  5. I'll keep close eyes on him!! Normally he won't do it on the carpet...:smile:
  6. Lip balm is very appealing to dogs, because it usually smells great. I had a three pound dog who ate an entire tube of Blistex, and was fine. Another larger dog ate a tube of cherry lip balm, and was also fine. I keep this stuff out of their reach now, because I know how tempting it is for them.

    It's scary when pets eat things they shouldn't--I'm sorry to hear you had to go through so much worry and stress!
  7. My Lab once ate some change. It freaked me out so bad, so I called my vet and he said to put a little olive oil in his food to see if will help him have a bowl movement......the next day he pooped like 63 cents!

    I hope your little baby is ok!
  8. here's a number to add to your emergency list:

    Animal Poison Control Center
  9. my poodle once ate a WHOLE box of Godiva chocolates...he was fine...sorry to hear about the stress! hope you and your doggie are okay!!
  10. :roflmfao::roflmfao:63 cents huh~?!
  11. My dog at my lipstick, half a bar of Cadbury's, and a staple before. The only item that made her sick was the staple, which she immediately threw up. I soon realized that I needed to be just as careful with my dog as I would with a baby because dogs will eat ANYTHING, especially when they are puppies.