OMG Have you seen this?? Legacy Stripe Jewelery Box!!

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  1. I was perusing around today and came across THIS:


    #60190 $248, available 8/14 (but I bet you can order it now on the phone)..

    Anyway I also noticed a lovely spelling mistake in the title:


    ..unless Legacy is now LegAAcy!!! hehe

    And for those who don't like the Legacy Stripes, there's a GOLD version as well
    #60209 $248

  2. Ok so apparently this was already posted.. Sorry for reposting... I just got *too* excited :smile:
  3. Yea, I saw this yesterday. It's cute but WAY over priced. I'd rather buy a purse for that kind of money.
  4. I saw it today!!!! I love the gold one!!!!
  5. LOVE the striped one. But I would think it would get dirty and dull after a while. The gold is very elegant. Thats the one I would like.
  6. Love the gold.
  7. I want both!!!!!!!!
  8. That's gorgeous! My Juicy Couture leather jewelry box was about the same price and I love that one. I'd really like the striped one.
  9. Ooh, I love the legacy striped one!
  10. :drool:
  11. It's pretty, but I'd rather spend that money on a bag than a jewelry box, especially since I don't wear much jewelry anyway.
  12. It's beautiful! I really love the striped one...
  13. oo i love both! soo cute =]
  14. So Cute!!!!!!!
  15. thanks for sharing! i LOVEEEEE!!