Omg! Got invited to make a LV Haute Maroquinerie!

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  1. Excited in a way but is it really worth it? It's like the same price as Hermes bags. What are all your thoughts and opinions?
  2. I think it's a little overpriced and I wouldn't do it for taurillon leather. However, others on this forum have and loved it. I think it varies from person to person. For me, if it is special ordered, I would only want to do an exotic, which is something that I am currently deciding on. I have been offered to special order an emerald green (menthe) ostrich Alma in PM. I absolutely love the color and material. The only thing that is holding me back is the 8-10 month wait period. I like that it will be handmade completely and the task will only be performed by one person the entire time. It makes the piece extra special, but that time period...I wish I was more patience!
  3. I drew the line .. I just couldn't justify it. Good luck deciding!
  4. Hi. I've had my HM for over a year now and have never regretted it. It is a beautiful bag and the quality is second to none. The other benefit is I've never seen another bag with the same combination of leathers and colours. The whole process is car fabulous experience. I had about four appointments to make sure I was happy with my choices and with all the different leathers and colour ways there are approx 40,000 combinations.

    I was also privileged enough to be invited to the workshop in Paris to see how they were made and it's a very involved process which is carried out by a team of skilled craftsmen. One even recognised my bag as one he had worked on. It makes you truly appreciate the quality. Personally I think it's worth it. If you do decide to go for one - enjoy the experience.
  5. The HM offer is completely bespoke and the range of different leathers and colours makes it worth it, especially if you choose a leather that is hard to come by such as chèvre (goatskin), almost impossible to obtain in a birkin at hermes these days.

    Take a look- you don't have to buy one :graucho:
  6. My HM is by far my most treasured handbag. The workmanship is amazing and the entire experience (I did mine in Paris), was a great memory and loads of fun.
  7. This will be my first time too- however, my SA was very sweet by reassuring me that if I don't think the HM one will work (after the first appointment), we will find me a non HM one. She wants to make sure that any LV purse I have I LOVE :heart:

    What a fabulous experience! And I did see your HM bags from a previous post- the color is stunning. I'm looking forward to my appointment in a couple of months.
  8. Wow! That sounds so exciting:smile:
  9. Can someone who has done this in the US recently give me a feel for pricing for a leather Lockit or Milaris in the PM size (standard, not too small or too big). Just approximate? Trying to decide if I want to do this when it comes to my town or just pass.