OMG fake LV, Coach and all sorts at this store

  1. :throwup: :censor: :sos: :ninja: :devil: :busted :death: :banned:
  2. You would not believe how many of those kinds of stores we have here in Vancouver. Chinatown and Richmond, where there are several Chinese malls are full of them. I went to the Chinese night market a few weeks ago and saw plenty of fake everything. BTW I am Chinese myself.
  3. That's digusting. In our mall, there's a little stand with fake LV's and Coach, etc., and one of these days I just feel like telling that vendor........
  4. Yucky.....
  5. wow thats horrible. they use to sell alot of fakes at this one booth stand at the ASIAN GARDEN MALL in WESTMINSTER, Little Saigon about 3 years recent trip there I didn't see it anymore. haha...I haerd they got busted!
  6. Ugh! Same with my mall and right now they are mainly displaying "Chanel". It's so horrible and ironic that I work at Coach and right downstairs from us they can get fakes. :yucky:

  7. I hate those things! In the mall near me, it used to be one cart. Then she got so much business that it became TWO carts. And now she has a whole STORE in the mall!
  8. This is probably the biggest reason I shun logo purses. There are so many of these older poorly dressed Chinese ladies carrying their fake LV and Burberry bags, they have lost their appeal. They are such poor quality too, $10 or so for this crap.
  9. :wtf: :wtf: :wtf: i wouldn't go as far as calling it disgusting. i can think of 100 other things in this world that are disgusting. u don't like it, you don't have to buy it. it's that simple.
  10. I have to admit, when I posted this I was gobsmacked...they even make fake perfo LV and fake Stamped LV. I think that most people do not know the real cost of Gucci and LV and just go in and buy it cause to them it looks good and also its cheap.
  11. OMG im gunna die :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :lol: he says that the SA in Louis Vuitton NYC told him to buy the fake bag, he also says that the LV SA says that the fake bags just dont come with box and tag and that the only difference. haha this is so funny :roflmfao:
  12. Wow - colour me shocked. I am in a smaller city in Alberta and I did not know they had stores with stuff that OUT THERE!
    I thought all the fakies were sold in the back rooms and such - wowwy.
  13. That IS so funny ... does Ian really believe that what he's getting is the real thing? He's definitely getting a real good superfake or if it's the real thing then it must have been stolen goods.