OmG... Disgrace @ TJMaxx....

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  1. i found a FAKE BBag @ TJMaxx today... it said Balenciaga Paris on the front of it. i almost puked. it was 60 dollars (that was the sale price... with the red tag etc) and plasticy. gnarly. gross. puke. :throwup:

    so i told a lady about it, adding that i didn't think she'd really care, but i thought she should know it's illegal and wouldn't want someone buying it thinking it was real. bad bad. so i went back to the sale isle after i whizzed around to find gayman and tell him (and to see if they put it back) and it was BACK ON THE RACK. they ripped the "balenciaga paris" metal tag off the front and stuck it back on the shelf. so i took it to the home goods section and stuffed it in a huge POT! jerks.


    sorry i had to vent. i have never seen a BBag in real life, but girls, i can tell a fake, and what an obvious one at that. what a disgrace. buh.:yucky:
  2. Wow... how apalling... you should write them a letter.
  3. wow, i can't believe they did that. good for you at least, on your part! :tup:
  4. That's disgusting. Report that to a manger or someone. UGH:Push:
  5. the lady was almost condesending towards me about it too. like "ooh a purse expert" i was like no i just don't want someone buying it thinking it's real. it's a stolen idea and those bags, when they are REAL, cost a good amount of money. $60 dollars is an insult.

    she looked at me like i was nuts and smiled as she walked away, not hearing half the things i said. *sigh*

    honestly i almost didn't say anything bc i knew they wouldn't react the way id want them to (fake bag bonfire haha) but i was so irate i had to. i know some people don't care about fake bags but i view that sh*t as stolen art if ya know what i mean.

  6. and for this crap i think my next bag is an effing twiggy. so there.
  7. Such a shame, i hate fake bags.....can't believe they do that...YUCKKSSSS~~
  8. that was nice of them to rip off that brand off that horrible bag. now they can sell that atrocity with no worries.
  9. that's horrible!! i'm glad you did something about it and spoke up even if they were so terrible as to put it back on the rack. :/
  10. Good going, Vicious!!:tup: But yes, that was really unbelievable what that guy did!! Disgusting!!!!
  11. :tup::tup: AWESOME MOVE!!!

    You tell 'em!!! You definately deserve one!:woohoo:
  12. You go, girl!!!:boxing::bagslap:
  13. omg, please. These stores are notorious for selling bag copies. I saw a black GH city for $24.99 that was identical to the real thing, no weird metal tags, nothing different, with distressing and all. I also saw a gucci Romy copy, except the Gucci didn't have the same leather look but bbag was WAY too real looking. Apparently it's easier to fake a bbag than a Gucci bag.
  14. Like right after I purchased my second bbag I went to this hair salon and right next door there was this accessories store, so I was like cool I'm sure I can find something in here (I :love: accessories) so I proceed to go in this store, and in less than two minutes of looking the owner says " Oh Balenciager" (I was carrying my Violet PT) " I have Balenciager for cheap for you" Long story short he got cursed out pretty good, and got read the riot act for having all those fake "designer" bags in his store! :cursing: And I did'nt buy anything!
  15. i'm pretty sure that fake BBag was a bait and switch return... i dunno, it was definitely the first time i've ever seen anything like it. i look at every single handbag up and down at the TJMaxx we have, and i have been for a while now... so i'd know if i saw fakes. never till today. i HAVE seen replicas though and that's vomitrocious. i hate the whole "stolen art" deal. it makes me nuts. i see REPLICA Bbags @ Tjmaxx all the time. *sigh* it's gross.

    oh yeah and PS it'll probably be more along the lines of me buying a step over a twiggy lol... i'm tryin to do my homework now on what size would be best for me. tonight is the night i decided SOME lucky BBag will be the next bag purchase. it'll be the first high end designer for me. yikes. my gayman (who got banned from tpf cuz he made a new name cuz he couldn't get in with his old one :sad: boo!) is freakin out cuz he always tells me i need 2 of everything, and he's seen you BBag ladies collections. he knows i'm going to want a rainbow. haha... i want one of everything in every color all the time, so if i happen to fall in love with my first BBag we're going to be in serious trouble. tehe. :cutesy: