OMG black leather Ali is here! How do I care for her?

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  1. Hey all!

    I promise I'll post pix later, but I gotta tell you my black leather Ali arrived today and is TDF!! Could not be more perfect timing as I have two (yep, two!) job interviews on Monday!

    Is there a thread anywhere here on how to care for Coach leather? This is my first leather Coach piece and I've seen how the ones in the boutiques get so scratched up and I don't want that to happen to this one. I'll baby her meanwhile, HTH :wlae:
  2. I cant wait to hear how to care for her as well, as I am seriously considering this bag in Whiskey!!!!! GREAT post!!!!
  3. Here is a post by Entheos. She is an expert on leathercare here at the forum.

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    [​IMG] Re: Coach leather care...
    I continuously use Apple Leathercare Conditioner on all my leathers, vintage, legacy, glove-tanned and vachetta. It does protect from stains and resists wetness. It is not an oil or wax. I have not used it on light colored pebbled leathers and would recommend testing it first on a hidden area and see how it dries. If it dries and leaves a stain I tend to think that it is an unfinishd leather and should be sprayed . . .

    with Apple Rain Guard spray for dusted metallic suede, suede and nubuc, and canvas and fabric bags. Most of Coachs fabric bags are all ready treated with water and stain repellent. Go to

    Coach also has leather conditioners and cleaners I have not used any of their products. But generally cleaners are harsher and should only be used on "finished" leathers. also has great leather care tips.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  4. Coach says not to use leather moisturizer or cleaner on the 06 Legacy vintage leather collection.

    I have whiskey, pond, and brown (with black on the way)...I have moisturized (sparingly) the pond and 2 out of 3 whiskeys (I'm leaving 1 bare to see if there is a difference in the way it patinas with age) with no negative fact, the Legacy shoulder in whiskey that I did moisturize suffered a huge scratch from my car keys along the leading edge of the strap (2-3 inches) and I was able to literally rub 99.9% of it out (I only know it's there because I put it there). I do not believe that would have happened with my untreated whiskey. I plan on moisturizing my black legacy,too.
  5. PLEEZE PLEEZE DON'T SAY I AM THE LEATHER EXPERT. This is a touchy subject for Coach leather owners, but these are MY bags, if you ask I will tell.

    unless Coach grows their own cows . . . out of which comes some kind of hybridized leather than do what they recommend go to Coach's home page, review their care recommendations.



  6. Thanks, everyone! I'll read, review, learn...I assume all the scratches I see on the leather bags in the boutiques is due to so much handling, much more than one owner would do - ?

  7. Black Ali's don't scratch like the whiskey or brown. But I would give her a once over with a moisturizer to protect her "youth" and from moisture. It's keeps leather supple and soft.

    We're buying wonderful bags and we're scarred to use them and ruin them. Unfortunately, signs of use will happen to them. But we can't be afraid to "care" for them. Enjoy your beautiful bag! Ali is great!
  8. ^^ sounds great, thanks!
  9. Congrats on getting your Ali and good luck on your interviews!!

    I haven't used anything on mine yet, but I said that I was going to go to Wilson's to see if they had any kind of protectant. Anything you do get, I would test it on a hidden part first (like maybe the inside of the strap) to see how it works.
  10. Entheos:

    I am sorry if I offended you by calling you a leathercare expert. You have given me the best advice on my leathercare and I truly do consider you to be the word here on the forum on leathercare. All my bags that have been moisturized thanks to you are doing great!
    I am with you on the fact that I would rather do something than do nothing to take care of my bags.

  11. Congrats! The Ali is wonderful and the Black is just fabulous! That lining looks great against black.
  12. I am not offended, so please don't feel bad. :yes:I have to have my disclaimer (I can't be responsible if someone misunderstands)! And, because I don't know everything about every leather and other leathers require different care.

    I can only attest to what I have done to the leather bags I have/had and I am happy to share this with others.
  13. Can we use the Coach Moisturizer on the Ergos?

  14. I've used Coach moisturizer on all my Ergos (black, white, and turquoise) and use baby wipes to clean/ wipe them down, esp. the white. Per Coach, moisturizer is recommended, but not the cleaner for several colors (forget which ones).
  15. Hey all, I was rockin' my new Ali at the mall today, PCE card in hand! The SAs said not to do anything with the black leather on the Ali and just use your finger oils to smooth out scratches. I'll be careful meanwhile but may re-read this thread later if/when she gets a ding or two.

    AND...I got more Coach today (but that's another thread, mwahahahaaaa).

    Hugs and thanks, everyone!