Olympe Cirrus in Ecru or Suhali Lockit MM

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  1. I've quick question to ask. From my previous posted, I returned the Stratus PM back to the store, then I called them to make sure that they will refund my money, the SA said he had the Cirrus in Ecru if I want.

    I decided to get it. (I love Ecru...obviously)

    Then, after hung up the phone I thought to myself that at this amount of money, I could buy a classic & goat bag like Lockit MM...(well, at least it's timeless, right?)

    So, what will you choose between this two? :confused1:

    The Cirrus - -> show bag, limited
    The Suhali lockit - -> timeless, classic

    Ps. I have only 1 chance to buy a bag at this amount of money, no you-will-get-it-in-the-future situation. :sweatdrop:

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Tough call... since the Cirrus is limited, I'd get that first then get the Lockit later on. Good luck on your decision and can't wait to see pics! :nuts:
  3. I like the Cirrus. I find it more distinctive and special.
  4. I'd definitely get the Cirrus. Much more beautiful and limited.
  5. im sorry, but i like the suhali lockit MM..if i had to pick between your choices. definitely timeless - if i'd be spending so much money i would hope for the bag to be absolute timeless! i don't feel that way with the cirrus though!
  6. The lockit.
  7. The cirrus. If you change your mind later, you wont be able to get it so easy. And limited pieces are always worth more in the future.
  8. Cirrus!!~
  9. cirrus! its limited edition!
  10. The Lockit.........just because the Cirrus is limited edition doesn't make it prettier or more desirable if the Lockit is what really speaks to you!
  11. The Lockit!!!!!!!
  12. The Cirrus is SO beautiful, but I like the Suhali Lockit SO much better, IMO
  13. Same here. When the cloud bags came out, I bought a white suhali lockit MM instead. lol. I like the nimbus tho. Cirrus is just really small and not enough bag for the money. The lockit is FAB.
  14. :yes:
  15. Well, as much as I love my Nimbus, I would say get something from Suhali line. I don't really care for Lockit style, but if that's what you love, you should get it. Suhalli is already really expensive, and it will be more and more expensive....IMHO Suhali is the most beautiful line LV came up with.