Olive Stam (Resort 2007) - Has Anyone Seen It? Pics?

  1. I asked about this within another thread, but I don't think it was viewed that much -
    I noticed among the list of colors that thithi posted, that one of the 2007 Resort Colors for the Stam was Olive - I've never seen a Stam in this color, in fact, I don't think I've seen this color at all.

    Has an anyone ever seen an Olive Stam? Does anyone own it? Has anyone ever seen/found a picture of it? There isn't a single bag on the MJ website (for Resort 07) in Olive, and I didn't even see a swatch of it as an available color.

    I wonder if it was exclusive to the boutiques or one particular store.
  2. Hmmm...interesting. I don't think I have ever seen an Olive MJ bag other than the older soft calf styles. I would be curious to see that. If it is a true olive green, that would be great. I love that color. It may be a shop exclusive.
  3. ive only seen this version, i think this was also called olive
    but i havent seen a quilted stam in olive. now that i think of it, the resort 07 stams werent widely available. i was lucky enough to see the yellow stam IRL, a week later i came back and it was gone

  4. It was kind of odd that the 07 Stams were not really available. I have only seen a couple in the stores and then they were gone. I miss seeing the Stam. I hope the stores stock them in the upcoming seasons.
  5. Here's a pic of the 2007 Resort Olive (bottom wallet)
    from look-inc.jp:
    Color : Olive,Black,

    I did see this IRL at the SF Boutique a few months ago. It's TDF!
  6. Ooooh! I like that! I love Olive, Chartreuse...those funky colors. This would be super pretty in a Stam. I would love to see this IRL.
  7. the Olive wallet or the Olive Stam???
  8. It wasn't a stam, but another bag in the classic quilted line, or maybe mixed quilted (which uses same leather)

    Maybe a Margot, I can't remember. I wasn't looking for a stam. I love this olive in classic quilted.:heart::drool: